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Free Test Series Civil Procedure Code Test No : 4

Q.1)Affidavit in answer to interrogatories shall be filed

a)within 7 days of the order b)within 10 days of the order c)within 14 days of the order d)within 15 days of the order.

Q.2)Parties must file the list of witnesses within

a)10 days of framing of issues b)15 days of framing of issues c)30 days of framing of issues d)60 days of framing of issues.

Q.3)A garnishee order is an order

a)prohibiting the judgment debtor's debtor from making any payment to the judgment debtor b)directing the judgment debtor's creditor to take the payment from the judgment debtor's debtor c)permitting the judgment debtor's debtor to make the payment to the judgment debtor d)either (a) or (b) or (c).

Q.4)An application for substitution of the legal representatives of a defendant lies

a)under Order XXII, Rule 3 of CPC b)under Order XXII, Rule 4 of CPC c)under Order XXII Rule 4A of CPC d)under Order XXII, Rule 5 of CPC.

Q.5)Security for appearance can be required to be furnished by the defendant

a)under Order XXXVIII, Rule 1 of CPC b)under Order XXXVIII, Rule 2 of CPC c)under Order.XXXVIII, Rule 3 of CPC d)under Order XXXVIII, Rule 4 of CPC.

Q.6)According to section 21 of the Code, objection at jurisdiction of Court can be raised on–

a)Trial b)Appeal c)Revision d)Either (a) or (b) or (c)

Q.7)A written statement–

a)May contain new facts in favour of defendant b)May contain legal objections to the claim of the plaintiff c)Must be confined to the reply of the plaint d)Both (a) and (b) above

Q.8)A residing in Delhi, beats B in Calcutta. B may sue A under the Code–

a)Delhi b)Calcutta c)Either (a) or (b) d)Only (a) not (b)

Q.9)Which of the following operate as res judicata–

a)A withdrawal of suit b)An ex-parte decree c)A compromise decree d)None of the above.

Q.10)In a suit against the State Government, who may sign the plaint on behalf of the Government–

a)Chief Minister of the State b)Chief Secretary of the State c)Governor of the State d)A person who by a general or special order appointed in this behalf by the Government

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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