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Free Test Series Criminal Procedure Code Test No : 6

Q.1)In which of the following cases it was held that a person has a right to protection under Section 161(2) of Cr.P.C) against questions,the answers of charge which? would have a tendency to a criminal

a)Nandini Satpathy V/sP.L. Dani b)Gian Singh V/s State c)Rupan Deol Bajaj V/s K.P.S. Gill d)R.K. Dalmia V/s Delhi Administration

Q.2)Under which of the following sections of the complaint . Cr.P.C) ? the Magistrate shall dismiss the

a)Section 202 b)Section 201 c)Section 203 d)None of the above

Q.3)Under which section of Cr.P.C), court has discretionary power to summon any person as a witness?

a)Section 311 b)Section 319 c)Section 311-A d)Section 313

Q.4)Which one of the following sections of the Cr. P.C) provides as to security for good behavior from habitual offenders?

a)Section 110 b)Section 109 c)Section 108 d)None of the above

Q.5)“Victim Compensation Scheme' has been provided under Criminal Procedure Code by which of the following amendment ?

a)Cr. P. Code (Amendment) Act, 2008 b)Cr. P. Code (Amendment) Act, 2009 c)Cr. P. Code (Amendment) Act, 2005 d)None of the above

Q.6)Which one of the following sections of Cr. P.C) provides power of the High Court to confirm sentence or annul conviction?

a)Section 366 b)Section 367 c)Section 369 d)Section 368

Q.7)The State Government may by notification declare any city or town for the purposes of Cr. P.C) as a 'Metropolitan', whose population :

a)exceeds ten lakhs b)below ten lakhs c)is five lakhs d)None of the above

Q.8)X is charged for promoting enmity between two groups on the ground of language. Whose previous sanction is required before a court takes cognizance of this offence under Cr. P.C)?

a)District Magistrate b)High Court c)Central Government or State Government d)None of the above

Q.9)Under Section 145 Cr.P.C) in disputes as to immovable property, the Executive Magistrate can decide the question of

a)possession and title b)actual possession c)title d)all the above

Q.10)Children of Muslim parents are

a)not entitled to maintenance under Section 125 Cr. P.C) b)not entitled to maintenance under Section 125 Cr. P.C) if living with divorced wife. c)entitled to maintenance. d)not governed by Cr. P.C)

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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