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Free Test Series Criminal Procedure Code Test No : 7

Q.1)Which one of the following remedies have not been provided under the Criminal Procedure Code

a)Reference b)Review c)Revision d)Appeal

Q.2)Which one of the following sections of the Cr.P.C) deals with the prosecution of offences against Marriage?

a)Section 198 b)Section 199 c)Section 197 d)None of the above

Q.3)Which Section of the Cr.P.C) resembles with the writ of habeas corpus ?

a)Section 96 b)Section 31 c)Section 98 d)Section 99

Q.4)A Judicial Magistrate may record any confession

a)In the course of trial b)In the course of inquiry c)In the course of investigation d)All of the above

Q.5)Provisions relating to "plea bargaining” is applicable to

a)offences affecting socio-economic conditions of India b)offences committed against women c)offences against children below 14 years of age d)none of the above

Q.6)If a presiding Judge of a court fails to sign and date of the judgement, it amounts to

a)incurable procedural irregularity b)procedural irregularity curable under Section 465 (1), Cr, P.C) c)substantive irregularity d)illegality

Q.7)A is an accused of theft. After arrest he remained 90 days in preventive detention. After this he was imprisoned for one year. Is he entitled for set-off of 90 days?

a)Yes b)No c)Entitled for set-off for 45 days d)Entitled for set-off for 30 days

Q.8)'Public Prosecutor’, under Section 2(u) of the Cr.P.C) means and includes

a)Any person Section 24. b)Any person acting under the direction of a Public Prosecutor c)Both and (b) d)None of the above

Q.9)Which one of the following Sections of Cr.P.C) contains the law relating to compensatory justice ?

a)Section 355 b)Section 356 c)Section 357 d)Section 359

Q.10)Under Criminal Procedure Code, legal protection has been provided to an accused who is of unsound mind) The provision finds place in

a)Section 328 b)Section 331 c)Section 334 d)All of the above

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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