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Free Test Series Indian Contracts Act Test No : 6

Q.1)Can an agent claim remuneration for his misconduct?

a)Yes b)No c)He can claim only part of the remuneration d)Depends on the facts and circumstances of the case

Q.2)Which provision of Indian Contract Act talks about whether an agent can claim remuneration for his misconduct?

a)Section 220 b)Section 210 c)Section 200 d)Section 190

Q.3)Section 180 of Indian Contract Act, 1872 provides :

a)Pledge where pownor has only a limited interest b)Suit by bailor or bailee against wrongdoer c)Appointment of relief or compensation obtained by such suit d)Pawne's right where pawnor makes default

Q.4)Section 228 of Indian Contract Act , 1872 provides :

a)Principal not bound when excess of agent's authority is not separable b)Consequences of noties given to agent c)Liability of pretended agent d)Effect on Agreement of misrepresentation or fraud by agent

Q.5)Which of the following does section 210 of Indian contract law provides:

a)Termination of sub-agent's authority b)Agent's liability c)Termination of agency d)Substituted agent

Q.6)Which provision of the Indian Contract Act defines bailment and bailor?

a)Section 2 (d) and (e) respectively b)Section 148 c)Section 151 d)Section 162

Q.7)Which provision of Indian contract act provides that Agent’s authority can be expressed or implied?

a)Section 184 b)Section 183 c)Section 185 d)Section 186

Q.8)As per section 142 and 143 of Indian Contract Act, Guarantee obtained by misrepresentation and concealment is

a)Invalid b)Unlawful c)Illegal d)Voidable

Q.9)Which provision of Indian Contract Act deals with termination of gratuitous bailment by death

a)Section 161 b)Section 162 c)Section 163 d)Section 164

Q.10)For what purpose can pawnee retain the good pledged?

a)Payment of debt b)Performance of promise c)All necessary expenses paid by him for possession and preservation of goods pledged d)All of the above

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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