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National Wastewater reuse policy sought:

  1. Urban growth : According to the report, the country is expected to add approximately 404 million new urban dwellers between now and 2050. This will add higher industrial output + greater energy demand = water stress ?

  • The per capita availability of water has dropped from 1,816 cubic metres in 2001 to 1,545 cubic metres in 2011.[1]

  1. There are three forces that are propelling the business case for reuse of treated wastewater in India.

  • First and foremost: Water security.

  • Secondly : Reuse of treated wastewater is getting strong support from government policy. = River Ganga, a flagship initiative of the ruling government (Clean Ganga Mission).

  • Finally, by signing the Paris Agreement on climate change in April 2016, India has signalled its concern for the sustainable use of natural resources.


  • To promote reuse, the central and state governments should jointly issue a national wastewater reuse policy with clear policy targets, setting out the legislative, regulatory and financial measures needed to achieve those targets.

  • Sound policy and regulatory interventions by the central and state governments are a prerequisite for the launching of innovative reuse projects

  • In industrial areas where reclaimed water is made available, groundwater extraction has to be strictly regulated by either the water utility or the State Pollution Control Board.

  • the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Water Resources should together define quality norms for different grades of industrial water which will help standardise design of reuse systems nationwide

  • For PPP structures to evolve in this sector, significant government interventions (including the aforementioned) are required to create a favourable environment for private sector participation.


[1] . Ministry of Water Resources, Press Information Bureau (PIB),

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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