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Previous Year Papers of UPSC Law Optional

Solved Subject-wise

Constitutional Law
International Law
Law of Crimes

Law of Torts
Mercantile Laws
Contemporary Legal Developments

Important Facts :

1) Boundaries of UPSC law Optional syllabus can be understood properly only if one go through the previous year papers.

For example :  The topic of IPR under CLD portions is very vast in general. But by analyzing the past 20 year papers, one can easily decipher as to what to read and what not to read.

2) Previous Year Questions can be significant in understanding difficulty of this examination.  Do not get fooled by the UPSC. Sometimes it will be easy as it happened in 2022 or can test your patience as happened in 2020.

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Terms and Conditions of UPSC Law Optional Solved Papers of 2022-2000 Course: 

1)  22 Years of UPSC Law Optional would be 2000 to 2022.
2) It will be topic-wise of all subjects of UPSC Law Optional.
3) Access will be given ONLY in online through online portal ( , Android Application and IOS Application. It cannot be taken print out. 
4)  Access to the topic-wise - 22 years will be given as per the schedule only. Any request to get full access will not be entertained. 

5)  Course fee is non-refundable under any circumstances and the price paid towards this course cannot be adjusted towards any course in later point of time.

6)  This access will be valid for 2 Years from date of purchase. After expiry, it can be renewed for another 2 year for 2500rs each year along with updates.

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