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How to choose CLAT COURSE

Who will clear CLAT ? The one who reads the whole CLAT syllabus ? NO!


What all CLAT institutes do ?

They provide 3 things


MATERIALS : Many institutes which give their own material fail to pay attention to standard clat books, thus they give materials which will not be asked in clat. These materials will be complementary to standard books. Where, one student is compelled to read INSTITUTE MATERIAL + STANDARD BOOKS FOR CLAT = RUNNING TO 1000s OF PAGES.

This would waste students time since they have to balance their board exams and clat.

SOLUTION: Join a institute which provide materials in crisp which replace standard books and are syllabus oriented.

LECTURE: The lectures given by institutes range from 2 to 3 hours. After constant listening, any student will feel tired and will not be able to learn after returning home. When this routine continues, there will be only listening and NO LEARNING – ULTIMATELY YOU LEARN NOTHING.

SOLUTION: Join institute which provide short productive lecture.

TEST SERIES: Mostly test series fail to cover previous year question paper. They fail to be in exam trend. Further you must have flexibility in taking test so that you can work on your own schedule. Further join online test series as they will show your all India ranking.

SOLUTION: Join online test series which provide lots of practice, best to join a course which provide you exercise book. TRAINING IS MOST IMPORTATNT IN CLAT.

THE PARADOX : Their lecture, notes and test series will be syllabus oriented alone, mostly not based on standard books which are literally out of CLAT syllabus, which means under the same topic mentioned in CLAT syllabus you will be reading out of syllabus( unwanted material). Their 2008 to 2016 material will remain the same.

SOLUTION: See that you join in updated course.


Finally join a course which assure you that in the end you complete

1) Syllabus

2) Standrad books for Clat

3) All previous year question paper

4) expected question for Clat 2017.

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Courses Offered

UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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