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An exploitative ritual that refuses to die : The devadasi System.

ISSUE : Social activists say the girls are exploited, and forced to live as sex workers. OMG ? HOW ? CRIME !!! No in early India this exploitation was institutionalised in the name of devadasi system.

Sad Truth : Many die old and lonely and sick as they are forced to sleep in the Mathamma temples or outside the homes where they work as domestic help.

What is devadasi/ Mamthamma system? Devadasi system is a religious practice in parts of southern India, including Andhra Pradesh, whereby parents marry a daughter to a deity or a temple. The marriage usually occurs before the girl reaches puberty and requires the girl to become a prostitute for upper-caste community members. Such girls are known as jogini. They are forbidden to enter into a real marriage.

Is our Indian law silent on it ? What law says ? The Women Dedication (Prevention) Act, 1988 abolishes this devadasi /Mathamma system.But is works little to abolish this system.

Adding to the fire : No scientific rehabilitation measures were possible due to lack of proper data and non-cooperation from the victims.

They celebrate yet sadness is never an end : The villagers say the Mathamma festival was held in the village from August 2 to 6. “On the fifth day, we held a drama to explain to the new generation the life of Mathamma.


UPSC prelims challenged in SC : Students accuse commission of non-transparency, framing ambiguous questions

ISSUE 1 : Several of the questions in UPSC prelims were ambiguous with at least two or more equally plausible answers. BUT ! The key’, which is the list of correct answers to questions asked in the exam, would accommodate only one answer. WHAT HAPPENS THEN ? Student leave the answer – lose 2 marks , attempt a technically right answer but wrong as per UPSC – loses extra 0.67 (i.e) 2.67 marks- which causes huge difference in UPSC results . UPSC must be merit not luck !!!!

ISSUE 2 :Key always released at the end of the entire selection process over. THUS !Students not in position to challenge it even if they had to get marks as UPSC pleads fait accompli against any grievance of the students.”

UNNOTICED CONCERN : It should also be notes that UPSC must release the OMR sheets of all the students along with answer key as done in IIT- JEE so that there remains transparency.


FACT FOR PRELIMS : Ukraine seeks Indian peacekeepers : UN to discuss peacekeeping mission soon FACT : Ukraine has asked for Indian peacekeepers to help contain the conflict with Russia in the eastern part of the country.

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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