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UPSC Toppers Talk : Ms. Neha Jain

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Name : Ms. Neha Jain

UPSC Register Number : 0157157

Status : Cleared UPSC Mains 2017

Your name and why were you attracted towards UPSC ?

Neha Jain. The diversity of the field, the sense of leadership at a young age and the prestige of the services itself attracted me to UPSC.

When you started your prelims preparation ( Which month + year ) and Mains preparation ?

June 2016

What was your strategy for prelims ?

Revision of my traditional books and mock Papers.

How did you schedule your daily routine for UPSC preparation ?

I was working so had to squeeze 4-5 hours daily in order to keep up with my studies.

What is the strategy/plan followed for law optional ?

I did lawexperts notes and test series. It provided me with an easy to learn and revise knowledge base.

How was your experience with Mains ( GS + OPTIONAL ) writing practice ? You took online /offline test series ? Which one do you prefer and why ?

I prefer Iasbaba for general studies and lawexperts notes and test series for optional

If you were a part of lawxperts how did the course help you ?

The notes were succinct and comprehensive. The test series was very useful too. I highly recommend it.

Any advice for other aspirants ?

Be sure of your own knowledge base and keep enhancing it. Don't compare yourself with others and keep a positive attitude.

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Courses Offered

UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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