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UPSC Prelims 2018 daily current affairs | Dated : 9/03/2018 | Friday


WHAT HAPPENED ? The Siddaramaiah government recently unveiled the State flag ( nada dhwaja ) for Karnataka.

HOW THE FLAG LOOKS ? The yellow-white-red flag has the State emblem at the centre

WHAT IS NEXT : The proposal will be now sent to the Union Home Ministry for approval, since a State has no powers to announce its own flag.

FACT TO NOTE : If approved by the Centre, Karnataka will be the second State to have a flag after Jammu and Kashmir.

WHAT LAW SAYS : There was no bar in the Constitution on States having their own flag - The State flag will fly below the national flag as prescribed.


VIZHINJAM BREAKWATER DESIGN TESTED IN U.K.- The 3.1-km barrier is designed to tackle waves as high as 9 metres

NEWS : The country’s first international multipurpose deepwater seaport project at Vizhinjam.

POINT TO NOTE : The design of the critical portions of the 3.1-km breakwater being constructed as part of it has been successfully tested in the United Kingdom.

WHO TESTED IT ? The Wave Basin of the H.R. Wallingford Laboratory in the United Kingdom.


WHAT IS OUR AIM ? To design a breakwater to tackle 9-metre high waves.


DAWOOD’S AIDE EXTRADITED BY UAE- Arrested on his arrival at Delhi airport

WHO IS THIS AIDE ? Yasin Mansoor Mohammad Farooq alias Farooq Takla, 58, is a key aide of fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim.

WHAT IS THE CRIME HE COMMITTED ? He was wanted by the CBI for the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts that killed over 250 people.

WHAT HE DID ? Farooq had left India in 1992 before the blasts and emerged as a “key facilitator” when Dawood and his family escaped from India.

THEN ! India sent the warrant to the UAE authorities and requested them to extradite Farooq.

WHAT HAPPENED THEN ? As per the CBI’s application in a Mumbai court to seek Farooq’s remand, UAE had asked India to send an extradition proposal. Following this, it agreed to detain and extradite Farooq to India.


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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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