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UPSC Prelims 2019 daily current affairs | The Hindu broken into 4 liner | Dated : 7/11/2018 | Wednes



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India declares nuclear triad operational

NEWS : India declared that its nuclear triad, stated in its nuclear doctrine, is operational.

REASON FOR DECLARATION : Indigenous ballistic missile nuclear submarine INS Arihant achieved a milestone by conducting its first deterrence patrol, so above was declared.

WHAT IS NUCLEAR TRIAD ? A nuclear triad is a three-pronged military force structure that consists of land-launched nuclear missiles, nuclear-missile-armed submarines and strategic aircraft with nuclear bombs and missiles


New rules for foreigners in detention centres

WHAT’S IN THE NEWS ? The government has informed the Supreme Court that new guidelines are being framed for keeping foreign nationals in detention centres across the country.

Inappropriate to separate families : The Bench had sought responses from the Centre and the Assam government on the plight of families, who languish in the State’s six detention centres as “declared foreigners”, separated from each other and their children.

The court said : It was “inappropriate” to keep the families separated without any valid reason.



Afghan delegation to attend Russia talks

WHAT’S IN THE NEWS ? An Afghan delegation will attend international talks on the war-torn country in Russia this month, officials said, as the Taliban considers whether to participate.

Moscow peace event: Moscow announced that it would host the event in the Russian capital — even as the U.S. engages the Taliban in nascent bilateral talks.

India, Pakistan invited: Moscow has also invited representatives from the U.S. as well as India, Iran, China, Pakistan and five former Soviet republics in Central Asia.

Purpose of meeting: Newly appointed U.S. envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has been trying to convince the Taliban to agree to negotiate an end to the war and there are fears that the Russia meeting could derail those efforts.


Iran oil: India, China get relief

WHAT HAPPENED ? As sanctions on Tehran take effect, U.S. announces list of nations with waivers

POINT TO NOTE : India is one of eight countries to receive temporary exemptions from U.S. sanctions on Iran that came into effect.

EXEMPTION COUNTRIES : The U.S. will be granting these exemptions to China, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey.


  • In the last fiscal year, India, which imports over 80% of its oil, sourced some 10% of its oil imports, or just over 22 million tons from Iran.

  • The Indian Oil Corporation is the biggest Indian customer for Iranian oil.



‘Selling IL&FS an option for Centre’

WHAT’S IN THE NEWS? One of the options the government is exploring to resolve crisis-hit IL&FS’ financial woes is to sell it, Corporate Affairs Secretary Injeti Srinivas said.

More on list : The Corporate Affairs Ministry has reportedly compiled a detailed report, in which it has named Indiabulls Housing Finance, PNB Housing Finance and Dewan Housing Finance Corporation, as companies facing problems due to the prevalent liquidity crunch.

Comfortable zone: Both PNB Housing Finance and Dewan Housing Finance Corporation issued statements saying that their liquidity position was comfortable.

“DHFL has taken strong steps to rebalance its loan growth profile, maintain sufficient liquidity and strengthen its core balance sheet.”



THE 4 LINER TALKS ABOUT : New initiatives at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT).

WHO IS JNPT ? It one of India’s biggest container ports.

WHAT IT DID ? It had played a ‘significant’ role in improving India’s ranking in World Bank’s ease of doing business index.

‘Trading Across Border’: India had jumped in ‘Trading Across Border’ ranking to 80 from 146 in Ease of Doing Business report.

Implementation of trade friendly measure:“JNPT implemented many trade-friendly measures to bring down the cost of cargo movement and reduce the time taken to transport the cargo.

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