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Free Test Series Civil Procedure Code Test No : 5

Q.1)Constructive res judicata is contained in–

a)Explanation IV to Section 11 b)Explanation VI to Section 11 c)Explanation III to Section 11 d)Explanation II to Section 11

Q.2)The term “Review” means–

a)Re-examination of any matter b)Judicial re-examination of a case in certain prescribed and specified circumstances c)Both (a) and (b) d)None of the above

Q.3)Which of the following is not a sufficient cause for granting adjournment–

a)Non-service of Summons b)Sickness of a parity, his witness or his counsel c)Reasonable time for preparation of a case d)Non-examination of a witness present in the Court

Q.4)The Code of Civil Procedure was enacted on-

a)21/03/1908 b)21/06/1908 c)31/12/1908 d)21/09/1909

Q.5)The term ‘public officer’ means–

a)Every officer in the service remunerated by fees or commission for the performance of any public duty. b)Every person who holds any office by virtue of which the is empowered to place or keep any person in confinement c)Both (a) and (b) above d)Neither (a) nor (b)

Q.6)When the defendant fails to furnish the security demanded from him, he can be detained in prison for a maximum period of

a)two weeks b)six weeks c)six moths d)two months.

Q.7)Which of the following cannot be attached before judgment

a)agricultural produce b)production of agricultural produce c)both (a) and (b) d)only (b) & not (a).

Q.8)‘Next friend’ is

a)a local commissioner b)a receiver c)a close relative of a plaintiff d)a person filing a suit on behalf of a minor.

Q.9)Doctrine of restitution is contained in

a)section 144 of CPC b)section 145 of CPC c)section 148 of CPC d)section 149 of CPC.

Q.10)Which one of the following is not liable for attachment under Sec.60 CPC:

a)Bank notes b)Hundies c)Shares in a corporation d)Books of accounts

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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