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Free Test Series Civil Procedure CodeTest No 2

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Q.1)Transfer of a decree for execution to another court has been dealt with

a)section 37 of CPC b)section 38 of CPC c)section 39 of CPC d)section 40 of CPC

Q.2)Clerical or arithmetical mistakes in judgments, orders etc. can be corrected

a)section 152 of CPC b)section 153 of CPC c)section 153A of CPC d)section 153B of CPC.

Q.3)For getting the clerical or arithmetical mistakes judgment etc, corrected, the application

a)shall be made within 30 days b)shall be made within 6O days c)shall be made within 90 days d)can be made at any time & no limitation period has been prescribed.

Q.4)Costs under section 35A of CPC can be imposed

a)in an appeal b)in a revision c)both in an appeal and a revision d)neither in an appeal nor in a revision.

Q.5)A ’garnishee’ is

a)the judgment debtor b)judgment debtor's debtor c)judgment debtor's creditor d)none of the above

Q.6)Abatement of suit can be set aside

a)under Order XXII, Rule 9 of CPC b)under Order XXII, Rule 10 of CPC c)under Order XXII, Rule 7 of CPC d)under Order XXII, Rule 11 of CPC.

Q.7)Provisions of section 80 of CPC are

a)mandatory b)directory c)discretionary d)none of the above

Q.8)Jurisdiction of High Court under section 100 of CPC is to entertain a second appeal which

a)involves a substantial question of law b)involves simple question of law not necessarily substantial c)involves a question of fact d)involves any of the above

Q.9)Match of the following

List–1 List-2 Sections

(i) Review (a) 95

(ii) Application of code to High Court (b) 117

(iii) Compensation for obtaining arrest on

insufficient grounds (c) 114

(iv) When appeal lies to Supreme Court (d) 109

a) (c) (b) (d) (a)

b) (c) (b) (a) (d)

c) (b) (a) (c) (d)

d) (b) (c) (d) (a)

Q.10)Which provision of the Code deals with the consequences of disobedience of an injunction granted by the Court–

a)Order 39 Rule 2A b)Order 39 Rule 2 c)Order 39 Rule 3 d)Order 39 Rule 3A

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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