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Free Test Series Constitution law Test No : 5

Q.1)Which Amendment provides for appointment of same person as Governor for two or more states?

a)1st amendment b)7th amendment c)25th amendment d)42nd amendment

Q.2)The legislative assembly of each state shall not consist less than-

a)Forty members b)Sixty members c)100 members d)120 members

Q.3)Which of the following Article deals with ‘All India Service’?

a)Article 120 b)Article 243 c)Article 312 d)None of the above

Q.4)Who appoints the members of State Public Service Commission?

a)President b)Governor c)Chief Minister d)Chief Justice of High Court

Q.5)Who is vested with the power to order removal of Public service member?

a)President b)Governor c)Chief Minister d)Chief Justice of High Court

Q.6)Official language of the Union shall be-

a)English b)Hindi in devnagri script c)English and hindi both d)Urdu

Q.7)The President must address his resignation to-

a)Chief Justice of India b)Prime Minister c)Parliament d)Vice-President

Q.8)The total number of ministers including the Prime Minister in the Council of Ministers shall not exceed ____________of the total number of members of the House of the People.

a)10 percent b)15 percent c)20 percent d)25 percent

Q.9)Which of the following powers can be exercised by President of India?

a)Pardon b)Reprieve c)Respite d)All of the above

Q.10)Which of the following language is used in Parliament?

a)Hindi b)English c)Either (a) or (b) d)Any language

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