Free Test Series Indian Contracts Act Test No : 5

Q.1)Which provision of Indian Contract Act deals with termination of gratuitous bailment by death

a)Section 161 b)Section 162 c)Section 163 d)Section 164

Q.2)For what purpose can pawnee retain the good pledged?

a)Payment of debt b)Performance of promise c)All necessary expenses paid by him for possession and preservation of goods pledged d)All of the above

Q.3)Which provision of Indian Contract Act provides for general lien of bankers, factors, what fingers, attorneys and policy-brokers?

a)Section 170 b)Section 171 c)Section 160 d)Section 161

Q.4)A lends a car to B for his own driving only. B allows C, member of his family to drive a car. C drives with utmost care and due caution, but still accident happens and car is damaged.

a)B is liable to make compensation to A and for damage to car. b)B is liable only to make compensation to A. c)C is liable to make compensation to A and for damage to car. d)C is only liable to make compensation A as he drove car with due caution.

Q.5)A leaves a cow in the custody of B to be taken care of. The cow has a calf while it was in custody of A.

a)B is bound to deliver only cow to A. b)B is bound to deliver only calf to A. c)B is bound to deliver both calf as well as cow to A. d)B is not bound to deliver either cow or calf to A.

Q.6)If the bailee does an act with regard to goods bailed, which is inconsistent with the condition of the bailment then in such case,

a)A contract of bailment is void b)A contract of bailment is voidable c)A contract of bailment is invalid. d)It does not affect the contract of bailment

Q.7)Adomsen v. Jarvis is a leading case on

a)Indemnity b)Pledge c)Bailment d)Guarantee

Q.8)Which provision of Indian Contract Act provides for the compensation to injury caused by principal’s neglect?

a)Section 223 b)Section 224 c)Section 225 d)Section 226

Q.9)Which provision of Indian Contract Act defines pledge?

a)Section 2(e) b)Section 2(k) c)Section 171 d)Section 172

Q.10)What does section 138 of Indian contract act provides?

a)Release of one co-surety does not discharge others b)Rights of surety on payment of performance c)Surety’s right to benefit of creditor’s securities d)None of the above

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