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One nation one election | Constitutional Law Current Affairs November 2020

PM pitches for ‘One Nation, One Election’

Recently, All India Presiding Officers Conference is held in Gujarat under the theme- ‘Harmonious Coordination between Legislature, Executive and Judiciary- Key to a Vibrant Democracy’.

While addressing the concluding session of 80th All India Presiding Officers Conference at Kevadia in Gujarat, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi said ‘One Nation, One Election’ is the need of the country. Till 1967, elections were conducted simultaneously in India but in 1968 and 1969, legislative assemblies of some states were dissolved and from this time separate election system started.

Why ‘One Nation, One Election’?

  • PM said that in India elections take place after few months at different levels which hamper the developmental work.

  • He cited an example of delay of Sardar Sarovar Dam’s completion due to hindrance in development work.

  • Lot of time and money is wasted in conducting elections after short period.

  • There should be single voters list for elections to Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and other elections.

  • Common electoral roll would save government’s expenses.

Besides this PM stressed that the language of legislation's should be kept simple, so that it can be understood by common people. Further, he mentioned that process of repealing or removing obsolete laws should be simple and there must be automatic way of repealing the old laws when they are amended.

Current scenario

In India. elections to Lok Sabha, State legislature in various states are held separately. In such situation, elections take place when legislative assembly of any state completes its tenure or when it gets dissolved due to different reasons. On the other hand, One Nation, One Election concept provides for all elections whether to Lok Sabha or State legislatures- legislative assembly or legislative councils on the same day.

Nations where simultaneous elections are elections are conducted are- Sweden, Spain, Indonesia, Germany, Poland, Slovenia etc.

Points against ‘One Nation One Election’

  • Local issues will be overlooked as Lok Sabha and State legislature elections are conducted on different issues. State elections target local issues while national parties fight for national issues.

  • Regional parties would not be able to complete national parties in case of expenditure on elections.

  • Simultaneous election may cause delay in election results.

  • Much expenditure is needed for new EVMs.

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