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TNPSC Civil Judge Exam Eligibility Criteria 2024-2025

Qualification for Writing Civil Judge Exam is based on 2 Criteria.

First : Age Limit Second : Educational Qualification.

(A) AGE LIMIT (as on 01.07.2023)

  • For Practising Advocates/ Pleaders and Assistant Public Prosecutors.

For SCs, SC(A)s, STs, MBCs/DCs, BCs, BCMs

and Destitute Widows of all castes. --------------------------------> 25 years to 42 years

Others -----------------------------------------------------------------> 25 years to 37 years

  • For Fresh Law Graduates (For all Categories) ---------------> 22 years to 29 years

  • For Persons with Disabilities: A ge concession upto 10 years over and above the maximum age limit prescribed.


Question : I recently graduated from law or fresh law graduate. Can i write this TNPSC Civil Judge?

Answer : Yes you can write the exam immediately after graduating the law course. However your age must be within 22 to 29 years. And another important condition is that, you should have obtained bachelors law degree within 3 years from date of TNPSC Civil Judge Notification.


Question : My age is 26. I Completed law degree in 2020. I did not practice law as advocate. Can i write the civil judge exam in 2024 under "Fresh law graduate" ?

Answer : No. You cannot write under "fresh law graduate" category because as previously noted - 2 conditions to be satisfied to become eligible under this category.

Condition 1 : Age must be within 22 years to 29 years

Condition 2 : Must have obtained Bachelor's degree of law before 3 years from the date of notification.

In this example, although your age is 26, you did not satisfy 2nd condition since you obtained law degree in 2020 and that you could have written this exam until 2023, but not after that.


Educational Qualification :

I. For Practising Advocates/ Pleaders and Assistant Public Prosecutors:

(i) Must possess a Degree in Law of a University in India established or incorporated by or under a Central Act or a State

Act or an Institution recognised by the University Grants Commission, or any other equivalent qualification and got enrolled in the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu or in the Bar Council of any other State in India


(ii)(a) Must be practising as an Advocate or Pleader in any Court on the date of Notification for recruitment to the post and must have so practised for a period of not less than 3 years on such date.


(b) Must be an Assistant Public Prosecutor having not less than 3 years of experience as an Advocate and / or Assistant Public Prosecutor.

II. For Fresh Law Graduates

(i) Must be a fresh Law Graduate possessing a degree in Law from a recognized University as mentioned in Clause-I (i) above,

(ii) Must be eligible to be enrolled as an Advocate.

(iii) Must have secured an overall percentage of marks in acquiring the Bachelor’s Degree of Law as below:-

(a) 45% Marks in case of Reserved Categories (i.e SCs, SC(A)s, STs, MBCs/DCs, BCs(OBCMs) and BCMs).

(b) 50% Marks in case of Open Category (i.e Others).

(iv) Must have obtained the Bachelor’s Degree of Law within a period of three years prior to the date of Notification.

Refer the TNPSC Civil Judge Notification for More detailed Information :

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Courses Offered

UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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