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Dear Mam, Our hearty wishes for your success and huge thanks for sharing your precious strategies which would help your fellow aspirants.

Few questions that may help fellow aspirants :

QUESTION 1 :Name and reason for choosing UPSC ? *

Vibha Singh

QUESTION 2 :Your strategy for prelims? *

I relied on basic books for static portion and one monthly magazine and newspaper for current affairs. Minimum resources and multiple revision was key to my success.

QUESTION 3 :Your preparation methodology for Mains - general studies? *

I covered every topic mentioned in the syllabus for mains thoroughly and made notes for that adding dynamic portions from newspaper reading everyday. Here also my motto was multiple revision. Test series is also very necessary for practicing answer writing.

QUESTION 4 :What is your "Law optional preparation and writing strategy "? *

For law optional I relied on standard books on every topic and also referred to dukkis. I diligently solved previous year papers to get a hold over the syllabus and joined test series at Lawxpertsmv for practicing answer writing.

QUESTION 5 :How was Lawxperts helpful for your preparation ? *

The test series at Lawxpertsmv was very helpful in giving a structure to my answers. As the papers were set in the UPSC format so it helped a lot in finishing the paper on time.

QUESTION 6 :Any advise for UPSC Aspirants ? *

Minimum resources and Maximum revision was my motto throughout the preparation, so i advice the same to aspirants.

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Courses Offered

UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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