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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Previous Year Question Paper (Topic Wise) - Constitutional and Administrative Law:

1. Constitution and Constitutionalism: The distinctive features of the Constitution.

Topic 1
Download PDF • 397KB

2. Fundamental rights – Public interest litigation; Legal Aid; Legal services authority.

Topic 2 Fundamental rights
Download PDF • 878KB

3. Relationship between fundamental rights, directive principles and fundamental duties.

Topic 3 Fundamental duties
Download PDF • 384KB

4. Constitutional position of the President and relation with the Council of Ministers.

Topic 4
Download PDF • 330KB

5. Governor and his powers.

Topic 5
Download PDF • 299KB

6. Supreme Court and High Courts:

(a) Appointments and transfer.

(b) Powers, functions and jurisdiction.

Topic 6
Download PDF • 345KB

7. Centre, States and local bodies:

(a) Distribution of legislative powers between the Union and the States.

(b) Local bodies.

(c) Administrative relationship among Union, State and Local Bodies.

(d) Eminent domain – State property – common property – community property.

Topic 7
Download PDF • 335KB

8. Legislative powers, privileges and immunities.

Topic 8
Download PDF • 257KB

9. Services under the Union and the States:

(a) Recruitment and conditions of services; Constitutional safeguards; Administrative tribunals.

(b) Union Public Service Commission and State Public Service Commissions – Power and functions

(c) Election Commission – Power and functions.

Topic 9
Download PDF • 379KB

10. Emergency provisions.

Topic 10 emergency
Download PDF • 342KB

11. Amendment of the Constitution.

Topic 11
Download PDF • 365KB

12. Principles of natural justice – Emerging trends and judicial approach.

Topic 12
Download PDF • 312KB

13. Delegated legislation and its constitutionality.

Topic 13
Download PDF • 337KB

14. Separation of powers and constitutional governance.

Topic 14
Download PDF • 256KB

15. Judicial review of administrative action.

Topic 15
Download PDF • 257KB

16. Ombudsman: Lokayukta, Lokpal etc.

Topic 16
Download PDF • 241KB

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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