Simplify factory inspections for ‘ease of doing business’: CII

Simplify factory inspections for ‘ease of doing business’: CII

  1. The ease of doing business index is an index created by the World Bank Group

  2. How can we improve our rank > The factory inspection system should be improved says CII. Confederation of Indian Industries

  3. What needs to be improved ? The excessive number of inspections in India weighs down on the competitive advantage and the ‘ease of doing business’ of Indian businesses.

  4. What is the conundrum ?

  • UNEASING LAWS: a manufacturing company in India has to comply with around 70 laws and regulations

  • Excessive, duplicate and complicated - Inspections ; imposing significant costs on businesses, especially MSMEs 5. What can be done?

  • integrated inspection system.

  • portal could be created for automatically updating invoices related to excise, sales tax, customs

  • urged the central government to encourage the states to pursue a process for simplification of labour laws and compliance.

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