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The road from Bratislava

  1. EU is in an ‘existential crisis.’

  2. WHAT MADE EU TO THIS SITUATION? Brexit, migrant crisis, Islamophobia, Eurozone woes and terrorist attacks.

  3. WHAT CAN BE DONE ? ‘The Bratislava Declaration’ BD - offers a road map for the next six months, on migration, border security, counter-terrorism, defence and economic and social development, providing political backing to measures.


  • funding for strategic investments across the region,

  • establishing a common capital market across the EU and

  • acquiring advanced traveller information to secure borders.

  • ARMY : Member-states move towards pooling and centralising their defence and diplomatic resources. Pros : defence procurement and operational efficiency and capabilities. Cons : Is it overreach ?

  • must find a creative, humane and effective solution to receive and resettle refugees


  • Focus on your strength : EU = focussing on the big picture and on areas where it has a comparative advantage - letting national governments take the lead in others.

DISCUSS : to engage more rigorously with their citizens on EU issues — explaining policies and their outcomes, collecting feedback, and inviting ideas.

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Courses Offered

UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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