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CURRENT AFFAIRS : PRIME MINISTER CALLS FOR GREATER LINKS WITH ASEAN THE SLOGAN : The government has adopted the motto of “transformation by transportation” to change the face of the northeast. SLOGAN IN ACTION : The Centre has sanctioned Rs. 47,000 crore for 115 new railway lines and Rs. 90,000 for rural roads and National Highway projects in the region.


CURRENT AFFAIRS : IT’S COMPLICATED, SAY DELHI’S ‘NOTIONALLY UNWANTED GIRLS’ WHO ARE NATIONALLY UNWANTED GIRSL ? Girls who were given birth predicting to be a boy child – never intended girl children by their parents. HOW THEY ARE IDENTIFIED ? It is studied by family situations. LIVE EXAMPLE : My sisters and I were not allowed to pursue sports or studies to the extent we wanted. Our parents never explicitly talked about their decision, but they stopped having children after my youngest brother was born. They had had one boy, followed by three girls and then a son. Now this girl child is a unwanted girl. Economic Survey puts their number at 21 million nationwide WHY IS THIS IS CALCULATED ? It is done to know ideal and actual sex ratio.


CURRENT AFFAIRS : THE MARCH OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE : Maratha LI regiment marks 250 years of rising 4/2/2018 : Maratha Light Infantry (LI) regiment will celebrate its 250th regimental day. WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT THE REGIMENT ? It is one of the oldest and most decorated regiments of the Indian Army with 56 battle honours and 10 theatre honours. THE HISTORICAL ANECDOTE: It draws its inspiration from Chhatrapati Shivaji and the Maratha warriors who were adept in guerrilla warfare. THE FIRST BATTALION : The first battalion of the Regiment was raised as ‘second battalion Bombay Sepoys’ in 1768 which was later known as ‘ jangi paltan ’. ONE MORE EVENT : February 4 also has a historical significance as on this day in 1670 Chhatrapati Shivaji conquered Fort Kondana, famously known as Sinhgarh.

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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