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Daily free test for Judicial Service : Criminal Procedure Code Test No :8

Q.1)According to ___________, every police officer making arrest shall bear an accurate, visible and clear identification of his name which will facilitate easy identification.

a)Section 41-A b)Section 41-B c)Section 41-C d)None of the above

Q.2)Memorandum of arrest should be attested by

a)member of the family b)respectable person of the locality c)Either a or b d)None of the above

Q.3)When a warrant of arrest is to be executed outside the local jurisdiction of the court issuing it, a special procedure as prescribed in __________

a)Section 78-82 b)Section 77-81 c)Section 78-81 d)None of the above

Q.4)Which section is to caution the police officer not to resort to arrest not authorized by the Code or by any other law for the time being in force providing for arrest?

a)Section 47 b)Section 60-A c)Section 53-A d)Section 50-A

Q.5)Any Police Officer may arrest without warrant any person:

a)Who has been concerned in any cognizable offence b)Who has been proclaimed as an offender c)Who is reasonably suspected of being a deserter from any armed forces d)All of the above

Q.6)Under Section 37 of Cr. P. C), every person is bound to assist a Magistrate or Police Officer in the taking or preventing the escape of any other person whom such Magistrate or Police Officer is authorized to arrest:

a)In the prevention or suppression of a breach of peace b)In the prevention of any injury to be committed to any railway, canal, telegraph or public property c)In all the above cases d)None of the above

Q.7)___________shall establish a Court of Session for every Sessions division.

a)State Government b)Central Government c)Supreme Court d)President of India

Q.8)Section ________________of the Cr. P. C) deals with medical examination of the victim of rape.

a)Section 164 b)Section 164 A c)Section 186 d)Section 166 B

Q.9)Causing miscarriage, an offence punishable under the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860), with the permission of the Court before which any prosecution for such offence is pending, be compounded by

a)The person who caused miscarriage b)The husband of the woman to whom miscarriage is caused c)The woman to whom miscarriage is caused d)The caretaker of the woman

Q.10)______________ confers the power upon the High Court to transfer cases and appeals:

a)Section 406 b)Section 407 c)Section 405 d)Section 404

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UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr
UPSC Law Optional Mains course - preferr


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