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Books for UPSC Law Optional [Recommended Book List]

Updated: Jan 25

Resources and Book List for Law Optional UPSC

Contents of the Blog : 1.Constitutional law -M.P Jain, J.N Pandey etc 2. International Law - S.K Kapoor, Malcom N Shaw etc 3. Law of Contracts - Avatar Singh etc 4. Law of Crimes - PSA Pillai etc 5. Law of Torts - R.K Bangia etc 6. Contemporary Legal Development books and internet sources If you would like to know how to cover UPSC LAW OPTIONAL entire syllabus - time allotment and preparation strategy : view the orientation session.



If right material chosen then - success is half achieved !!!!!

Many say UPSC Law Optional Syllabus is vast but if right material and area of study finalized then its just a short optional to complete

NOTE : LAWXPERTMV students need not read standard books, the important concepts + cases from this books are covered in our notes, which is exactly required for Mains. Thus our notes will suffice to clear mains with good score.



BOOK 1 | Indian Constitutional Law by M.P Jain

Importance of this book : This is the best standard book for UPSC Law Optional constitutional law because : 1. Many questions verbatim asked 2. Cover major cases

3. Has very good discussion style which enhance your answer writing skill.

4. Single book enough to cover entire constitutional law Price : INR 1200 Pages : 2000 aprox

Drawback :

MAJOR DRAWBACK : Very bulky - humanly not possible to read and retain concepts in memory

Language Quality : Complicated language making hard to understand concepts

TIPS TO OVERCOME DRAWBACK : Stick to syllabus topics of UPSC Law Optional and make sure to read only important case law

Make your revision notes - in lines of previous year questions - CHECK Previous 20 year questions and analysis here Note for lawxpertsmv students : Lawxpertsmv Constitutional law notes are made from this book - simplified along with previous year questions. Thus if you read lawxpertsmv revision notes you can cover entire constitutional law syllabus.

Book 2 : Constitution of India by V.N Shukla

Pros and Cons : This books contains short version of MP Jain and also some parts of constitutional law by J.N Pandey , but its too short that aspirants may miss out on important concepts and cases.

But how can you use this book ? It can be used as a summary, to get an idea on topics of UPSC law optional.

Huge time saver if you are preparing at last minute, at the same time it will have its dark effect of insufficient data to give a complete answer in UPSC exam.

Language quality : Good standard language - medium difficulty to understand


Book 3 : Constitutional Law of India by Dr. J.N Pandey

Importance : Language quality : Easy to read book without complex language.

  • Covers most of the important areas of syllabus and also landmark cases

  • Not much bulky when compared to MP Jain

  • Almost exhaustive of UPSC Law Optional - paper 1 Constitutional Law syllabus

  • Detailed case facts

  • Cost effective - when compared to other books.

Drawbacks : Verbatim question cannot be expected as we can do from MP Jain constitutional law book.

  • Not much analysis can be seen on comparison with MP Jain book on constitutional law, thus you can learn to write facts but not the apt writing/ analysis style required for UPSC Law Optional.

  • Unwanted detailed facts of case which may drink up your precious time

CAUTION : Stick to syllabus and previous year questions

Price : 550

Internet Sources for Administrative Law

PDF Notes on the policy and guideline theory


Book 1 : MP Jain and S.N Jain on

Pros and Cons :

  • Highly informative at the same time bulky.

  • It is exhaustive and covers all relevant topics for administrative law part under paper 1 section A of law optional UPSC.

  • Contains all landmark cases

  • Costly

Language : Complex - hard to understand

Price : 1490 INR

Book 2 : Lectures on Administrative Law by C.K Takwani

Pros and cons : Comprehensive book with lucid style of writing

  • Language : Easily understandable

  • Very good analysis and points

  • Recommended for concept clarity

  • Landmark cases covered

  • Bulky : thus stick to syllabus and previous year questions

  • Less price when compared to MP Jain book on administrative law

Price : 616


Internet resource : Lecture on formation of treaties

Asylum and Extradition notes in previous year UPSC Question format

Relationship between International Law and Municipal Law picture notes with previous year questions

Notes on invalidity, termination and suspension of treaties

Reservation of treaties

Interpretation of Treaties

State succession

Lectures on state recognition

Complete lecture on treaties under International Law

Lecture on United Nations Organization

5 mins concepts : Asylum and Extradition

BOOK 1 : International Law by Malcom N. Shaw

Pros and Cons : Explains many aspects

Standard and informative book

Language : Foreign author book complex in language

  • Certain concepts hard to understand

  • Very bulky

  • Certain topics less information than required

  • Covering unwanted areas

  • But can understand the real spirit of International Law

  • Very Costly

Prepare in line with Previous Year Questions - for 20 years previous year International Law questions click here - Analysis available

Pages : 1500 pages approx

Price : 4412 to offer price 3000 INR approx

BOOK 2 : International Law and Human Rights by Dr. S.K Kapoor

Importance : Comprehensive book to cover UPSC Law Optional International Law topics under syllabus.

Language : Indian author, lucid when compared to Malcom N Shaw

Very informative covers important concepts and land mark cases

But very bulky

THUS ! Try using Nutshell version of this book : available in market

Nutshell exactly contains what is required.


Nutshell : 350 INR

IMPORTANT POINT : However both Malcom N. Shaw and S.K Kapoor do not cover certain topics of international law which you have to get from reliable internet sources.


Internet Resources to cover Law of Crimes UPSC

Most important lectures on Culpable Homicide and Murder with previous year UPSC Law Optional Questions

Lectures on Protection of Civil Rights Act

Lectures on Abetment and Conspiracy

Lectures on Hurt and Grievous Hurt

Concepts made easy for Theft, Extortion, Robbery and Dacoity

Book 1 : Criminal Law by PSA Pillai refined by KI Vibhute

Importance : Standard book for Law of crimes for Law Optional UPSC

But it will not cover 1. Protection of civil rights Act

2. Prevention of corruption Act

3. SC/ ST Act etc

But it covers all IPC offences which is major component of criminal law

Bulky thus must prepare in line of previous year questions and Law Optional Syllabus

Previous 20 years UPSC Law Optional Questions on Criminal Law - Click here DOWNLOAD PDF

Price : INR 800 approx

BOOK 2 : The Indian Penal Code by Ratanlal and Dhirajlal Pros and Cons : Each section has exclusive explainers and cases

  • Language : Difficult - complex to understand

  • Very detailed content unnecessary for UPSC Law Optional

  • Facts of the case in most part would be missing



Internet Sources for Law of Torts UPSC

Difference Between Consumer Protection Act 1986 and 2019

Notes on Remedies under tort law

Notes on joint and constructive liability - Law of Torts

BOOK 1 : Law of Torts by Dr. R.K Bangia

  • Importance : All rounder best book to refer for UPSC Law Optional Torts Syllabus

  • Language : Simple language easy to understand

  • Contains major concepts and case laws Easy given facts and held

  • It contains consumer protection Act 2019 ( new act )

  • Competition Act - topic 4 of contemporary legal developments are covered.

Price : INR 599

Read in line with previous year questions

Previous 20 years questions of Law of torts : DOWNLOAD PDF


Internet Sources for Law of Contracts UPSC

Lectures on Contract of agency

Formation and dissolution of partnership

BOOK 1 : Contracts and Specific Relief by Avtar Singh

  • Language : Complex , hard to understand Comprehensive and detailed book

  • Contains Landmark cases

  • Authoritative and standard book for law of contracts

  • Very bulky


Thus ! stick to syllabus and read in line with previous year questions

Previous 20 years law optional mains questions of law of contracts : Download PDF

BOOK 2 : Law of Contracts by R.K Bangia Importance : Easy to read and understand Concepts clearly given in simple language Covers Important Case Laws But the essence and analysis of contract law cannot be gained as you can get from Contract Law by Avatar Singh Language : Lucid and simple - easy to understand

Simple book easy to learn and retain Price : 300 INR Approx

PAPER 2 | SECTION B | Contemporary Legal Developments UPSC Law Optional Mains

Topic 1 : Public Interest Litigation | This lecture will cover complete topic and also 90% previous year questions can be answered by listening to this lecture : CLICK HERE FOR LECTURE

If you need books then you can refer constitutional law books suggested above - M.P Jain or J.N Pandey - but it will have lots of cases ( even land mark cases ) - read very important life changing cases and recent cases.

Topic 2 : Intellectual Property Rights :

Internet resources Notes on Copy Right Act

Book 1 : G.P Reddy

Importance : Simple to understand

Covers all intellectual property acts viz, Patent Law, Copyright Act, etc.

Covers land mark cases Has good mind maps Price : 630 INR

CAUTION : Need not cover entire book prepare in lines of previous year questions Previous 20 years UPSC Law Optional Question Paper on Intellectual Property | Download PDF

BOOK 2 : Law Relating To Intellectual Property by V.K Ahuja

Importance : Covers the syllabus Little complex language than G.P Reddy Intellectual Property Law

Covers land mark cases

Price : 700 INR

TOPIC 3 : Information Technology Law including Cyber Law

BOOK 1 : Technology Laws decoded by N.S Nappinai About book : Commentary book with alot of information

How to make best use ? Refer important sections commentaries to make notes

CAUTION : Stick to syllabus and previous year questions

Language : Somewhat complex

Price : 1650 INR

BOOK 2 : Information Technology Law by Myneni

About Book : Easy to understand book - simple worded Covers land mark cases and important concepts

Comprehensive book Price : INR 799

TOPIC 4 : Competition Law

Book 1 : Competition Law by Avatar Singh

About book : Authoritative book , but complex in language

Covers important areas but needs to be supplemented by authoritative internet sources

Price : 450 INR

Source 2 : PDF by Competition Commission of India Click here to download :

  • Simple worded

  • Covers all important concepts

  • Authoritative as it comes from CCI

  • Free material

TOPIC 5 : Alternative Dispute Resolution

Refer this article it will help you answer 90% of previous year questions

If you would like to rely on book source can try this book

Alternative dispute resolution - by Tripati Price : 343 INR

Reliable internet resource :

TOPIC 6 : Major statues covering Environmental Law

BOOK 1 : Environmental Law by Dr Nishtha Jaswal Dr. P S Jaswal

Price : 640

CAUTION : Stay guided by previous year law optional questions so you do not get deviated and end up learning things that are not necessary.

TOPIC 7 : Right to Information Act

Book source : S.R Myneni easy to understand Comprehensive but stay guided by previous year questions Price : 600 INR

Internet Source : This article on Right to information covers 90% previous year UPSC Law Optional questions

Topic 8 : Trial by media

Included latest cases - refer current affairs module for UPSC Law Optional Internet Source : Article which cover major concepts Land Mark Cases and previous year questions

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